World Café on Education & Life Skills

Feb. 23, 2016. Biotech Place, Wake  Forest Innovation Quarter  

This world café drew 130 participants who discussed how to boost educational achievement in our schools, how to provide educational and life-skills opportunities for non-traditional students, and how to encourage community involvement with our education system.

Prompts for the table discussions were:

1. How might we ensure that all of Winston-Salem’s children arrive in kindergarten ready to learn, and complete high school with adequate preparation for college or career? 

2. How might we better offer educational opportunities—including learning about life skills— across generations and groups, beyond K-12 students: for lifelong learners, the unemployed, parents, grandparents, caregivers? 

3. How best to engage members of the community without school-going children to recognize that they have a critical stake in addressing issues related to education?

The ideas generated by the table discussions are being compiled for review. The results will be posted as they become available.

Read the list of ideas generated by the table discussions.